Sara Forslund
Summer is like a swallow

»She caresses with her voice the disturbing strangeness of life and reassures us « Profession-Spectacle (FR)

»Forslund seems to view the world from a slightly different elevation to the rest of us and that allows a unique and always personal perspective, that considers love, life and happiness through a dreamy vision of the natural world« Nordic Music Review (UK)

»This is an album you can sink into, cosseted by the intricacies and soft layers, as you become comfortable with your uncomfortable parts.« Get In Her Ears (US)

» Cozy as the quiet sea of winter, refreshing as the sun's rays make their way through a melancholy gray sky. « Tristesunset (IT)

»The album gives back its real scope to Folk music. (...) Timeless, haunted writing « Les Inrocks (FR)

»Forslund embarks us on a new musical journey resolutely peaceful and sumptuous. It's all about acoustic fingerpicking and a quasi-mystical honeyed interpretation« Les Oreilles Curieuses (FR)

»Pretty but not precious and with contempo intrumental-production touches that avoid sounding grafted on« The vinyl district (US)

 »A feminine extention of Sufjan Stevens melancholic eloquence« Magic Revue Pop moderne (FR)

»She delivers a richly detailed but sober album which is really of a crippling beauty« Da Subjectivisten (NL)

»An artist outside the box, who can be said to have developed her own personal formula of shadowy modern folk« Music wont save you (IT) ALBUM OF THE WEEK

»Forslund seems to take the listener with every track on a journey through a dreamy world« HIFI (NL) HIFI gives Summer is like a swallow 9½ out of 10

»An emotional sound carpet that certainly gets under the skin« Gezeitenstrom (DE)

The track “Toad” was picked by historical editor in chief JD Beauvallet for Les Inrockuptibles in their section “On our turntables” 2018-10-31 Les Inrock (F)

» A voice that makes you want to close your eyes and lay motionless «
NPR Music (USA)

» An amazing songwriter «
BBC Radio Ulster (UK)

» With her new album ‘Summer is like a swallow’ Sara has maintained her unique blend of deceptive simplicity and intimacy «
John Wood (known for his work with Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, John Martyn and many more)

» There is something really reassuring about her songwriting «
Nordic Music Review Nordic Music Review featuring “Summer is like a swallow” and “Hard”

» Det är som om sångerna med självklarhet alltid funnits där. I en evighet «
Peter LeMarc

David Åhlén

» Kotel är ett exempel på hur han med små medel lyckas skapa stämningar som känns i hela kroppen «
HYMN (Sweden) – Kotel i redaktionens favoriter vecka 42